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Why choose LEDJ Home Inspections, LLC to inspect

your potential home ?

I will provide the most descriptive, comprehensive & detailed Home Inspection Report in the Tulsa Metro area.

LEDJ stands for Lisa, Emily, Dwain, and Jesse!

Lisa is my high school sweet heart, love of my life, a true gift from God, she has always supported me in whatever I wanted to do and has been my biggest cheerleader in becoming a home inspector.

Emily is our sweet princess that we couldn’t be any more proud of, we prayed specifically for a smart, beautiful girl that liked the outdoors and God granted our requests with a very strong, independent young lady that sets her goals high and works very hard to achieve them with big plans in the future to help people and she is as beautiful as her mother.
She graduated from Purdue University Fort Wayne in May of 2020 and married her high school sweetheart, Connor, in June of 2020. Together, they bought their very first home, inspected by LEDJ of course, in April of 2022. We are very proud of her and Connor's hard work and look forward to seeing them achieve their goals.


Dwain, that's me! I have been involved in many construction fields for most of my life: roofing, framing, pulling electrical wire, concrete work, and sales of equipment. Some of my most rewarding work has been working in Guatemala with our church on some building projects. Over there, it is all manual labor; mixing mortar on the ground, hauling concrete in 5 gallon buckets, cutting rebar with hack saws... Very gratifying work and very hard work at that. I also had the opportunity to work on both Extreme Home Make Over projects in Tulsa, the second one for the whole week. I was the first on site lead volunteer and last on site lead volunteer. It was an amazing experience to see a home demolished then rebuilt in a week.
I have always followed where God leads me. He has closed and opened doors for me over the years. One of the doors he has opened for me was becoming a home inspector in October of 2016. I had mentioned to a very good friend of mine that I was considering becoming an inspector and he introduced me to a gentleman that has been in the business for 12+ years. He showed me the industry and encouraged me to proceed becoming an inspector, so here I am.
Years ago, I took a spiritual test at our church and the results came back with the gift of helping. This industry gives me the opportunity to help others and share what I know about helping a house last longer and be safe.


Last but definitely not least:

Jesse is our awesome Eagle-Scout son; we also prayed specifically for a strong, good looking, smart son and without a doubt God blessed us again with what we requested and then some. He graduated from Tulsa University in 2023 (after knocking out a Bachelor's degree in only three years) and has accepted a full time position at his first "real" job which he started shortly after graduating. He was so involved in so many things during his time at school that an award was named after him that will be given to future students, the "Jesse Anderson Outstanding Involvement Award." We are so proud of all of his accomplishments and can't wait to see what his future holds.
​I think this kid works harder than I do.

That's why it’s called LEDJ- Lisa, Emily, Dwain & Jesse, it’s not that I can’t spell or that I’m French,

I’m just one proud dad and husband.

If you have read through all of that... Thank you.
My promise to you is I will look your potential new home over with great detail,

as if we were looking to buy it for ourselves.
I strive to stay current with all training and technology for the industry to better serve my clients.
I will be on time or give a call to let you know I’m running behind if that occurs.

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