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Types of Inspections

Home Inspection Services in Accordance with State of Oklahoma Standards

LEDJ Home Inspection Services abides by the Standards of Practice as set by the State of Oklahoma.

During the home inspection, we complete a visual assessment of the home’s current condition and repair needs.

The following areas, as long as they are visible and safely accessible, will be included in the inspection:

A Full Home Inspection Includes:

  • Exterior systems

  • Foundation, crawlspace, and basement

  • Roofing, flashing, and penetrations

  • Site grading and drainage

  • Structural components

  • Attic, ventilation, and insulation

  • Driveways, walkways, porches, and patios

  • Electrical systems

  • Plumbing systems

  • Fireplace and chimney

  • Doors and windows

  • Water heater

  • Heating systems

  • Cooling systems

  • Ceilings, floors, and walls

  • Garage

  • Stairs

  • Decks

  • Built-in appliances

All components and processes of all inspections offered by LEDJ Home Inspections, LLC. are visual and non-invasive.
If you have any questions about this, we would be happy to answer them!

A Four Point Inspection Includes:

  • Exterior systems related to electrical and plumbing components

    • Excluding low voltage systems

  • Interior electrical systems

  • Mechanical systems

    • HVAC systems

    • Water systems

    • Kitchen appliances

    • Excluding intercom systems, vacuum systems, security systems, window units, and pellet heating systems

  • Plumbing

    • Excluding filtration systems, septic systems​, and irrigation system

  • Roof

MFD Home Certification Includes:

  • Permanent foundation certifications

  • Certification of additions (decks, porches, rooms)


A Pool Inspection Includes:

  • Physical conditions of the pool such as:​​

    • Decking

    • Materials

    • Equipment pad (pump, filter, and heater if present)

    • Other features such as diving boards and slides

A Water Inspection Includes:

  • Collection of one sample in an approved sampling kit from the State Health Department

  • Completion of appropriate paperwork 

  • Delivery to state lab

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